A complete profile for your business

Create a mini-website for your business with as much information as you like

  • Comprehensive

    Your BionowB2B profile contains up to 3 pages of information about your business.

  • Listed in our directories

    Information you upload is automatically included in our 3 directories.

  • Step-by-step

    Your BionowB2B profile is built in a step-by-step, simple process.

  • As much or as little as you like

    You can upload as much or as little information onto your profile as you want.

Everything you need to promote your business

The different sections of your BionowB2B profile contain everything you need to promote your business, complete with your own BionowB2B/profile-address

Initial Profile - setup for you when you join Bionow

  • About Us Page

    The about us page contains your company description, address, contact information, opening hours and an interactive map. (This is the home page of your profile).

  • Your Branches

    If your company operates from more than one location then you can add additional branches which are shown on a separate page each with an interactive map and the address and contact information for the branch.

    Each branch you add is also added to our business directory to be included in search results.

  • Contact Us

    This page contains your company’s contact information and a quick contact form that allows users to send you a quick enquiry that goes straight through to your email.

Build your profile within the Bionow community

  • Your Own Page

    We also provide a page on which you have complete creative control to add whatever information you like, whether its more information about the services that you offer, the people behind your company, or even a restaurant menu, it’s entirely up to you.

  • Images

    Here you can add images to your profile, and organise them into galleries. Great for showing off every aspect of your business whether it is a portfolio of previous work, photos of your team and offices, or new products coming soon.

  • Videos

    Adding videos to your profile is easy. If you haven’t already, first you upload the video to a hosting site like Youtube, and then to add the video to your profile you simply add the link of the video.

  • Special Offers

    Do you have an offer on a particular product or service that you’d like to shout about? If so you can create a special offer (in fact as many as you want) which gives the details. All offers are included in our directory.

  • Products & Services

    You can find out more information about listing products and services for sale in the ecommerce section of this guide. Everything you add is included in our products directory for visitors to the site to search through.