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International Standards

Focussing on the quality of the products and services that you supply to your customers is becoming increasingly important in sustaining long term business success and retaining market share.

Certification of your business to an internationally-recognised standard by an independent external assessment body demonstrates your commitment to providing your customers with first-class products and services.

Benefits of International Standards

Operating to management best-practice standards will help you to:

  • improve customer satisfaction levels
  • gain access to, and maintain a presence in, your target markets
  • gain and retain a competitive edge
  • increase your rate of repeat business

If you have already implemented a management system, then we can help you to develop your processes and your people by following the principles of sustained success within the ISO 9004: 2009 standard.

 We offer the following:

  • Presentations to Board/ investors, major customers, personnel, etc.
  • Gap-analysis
  • Interpretation of Standards in relation to your organisation
  • On-site training of personnel
  • Creation/ provision of necessary documentation
  • Internal auditing by certified Lead Auditor
  • Root-cause analysis of nonconformity
  • Chairing Management Review of the Quality System meeting, et al.
  • Interim Quality Manager