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Managing Items

We strongly recommend that you read this help page in full before you start adding items to your store.

To start adding items, click the “add new item” menu item from the “ecommerce” left hand side menu.

You’ll then be shown the “add a new item” page.

Adding New Items To Your Store

First, enter a name for the item and a description for the item.

You can enter as much, or as litte, information in the “item description” box as you like.

Next you can add up to 3 different images for your item.

To add an image click the “choose file” button and then select the image from your computer’s hard drive.

Our system will automatically resize the image for you into the appropriate sizes.

Please do not upload a single image that is greater than 4MB.

Item Pricing

In this section you can enter the price for the item you are selling.

You can choose to mark the item as POA (which means a user would not be able to purchase it through the online store) - to do so click the box indicated below.

The item’s price will then be shown as POA.

Enter the price for the item as shown in the box below.

Enter the amount in pounds only.

Network Pricing

If you would like to give a discount on the price to members of the same network as you (for instance you are a member of a Chamber of Commerce), you can enter the discount (as a percentage) in the boxes beneath. You can specify a different discount for each network.


Here you can enter specific delivery information for the item.

On the whole, your delivery settings are managed through the delivery settings page, however if you are setting delivery rates based on the weight of an item, you should enter the items weight in this box.

You can also set a specific delivery price for an item here as well (which will override any general delivery pricing you have set).

Item Variations

If your item is available in different colours, or sizes, or has other variations, or has optional extras, you can configure them in this section.

First tick the box for “multiple options”

A new section will then appear.

You can configure up to 3 different types of options if you want to.

First enter the name of the type of option, for example “Colour”, “Size”

Then in the next box enter the different variations that are available.

If you have entered “Colour” as the name of the option, you might then enter “Blue, Green, Black” in the next box.

When a visitor is looking at the item details they will be shown a drop down box of the available options, e.g.

In the above example the item is available in “Cyan”, “Magenta”, “Yellow” and “Black”.

In the “Available Variations” box you should enter the items in the order that you want them to appear in the drop down selection, so you would enter “Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, Black” - each one should be separated by a comma “,”.

Selecting Item Variations

If you have entered options for the item, you then need to select which options are available. You can also set a different price for each option, different weight and different specific delivery price.

You can leave the weight and delivery price boxes blank if you wish, and also leave the price box blank if the price does not change.

You do however need to select which options are available.

For example, you may have an item in 3 colours (blue, green, black) and 3 sizes (small, medium, large) but the large item only comes in black, and green is not available in medium.

Or all the colours and sizes might be available.

In the above example we have selected the “all variants” available for both Colour and Size and so this means that a user will be able to buy any combination of size and colour variations.

However if you want to make certain colours not available for certain sizes, you need to use these drop down boxes accordingly.

First select the option 1 variable, and then the option 2 variable (you can select “all variants available” for either one) and then click the “create new variant” button to add another combination, e.g.

In the above example, we’ve made

1. The Blue coloured item available in small, medium and large sizes
2. The Green coloured item available in only small and large sizes
3. The Large sized item only available in black

In the next example, we’ll set different prices and delivery weights for the items,

In the example above we’ve set a specific price of £45 for the large sized item.

Because the small and medium sized items do not have a specific price set then the price for them will be taken from the general item settings.

We’ve also said that the medium sized item is 10kg and the large item is 12kg (these weights are used for calculating delivery prices (if that’s how you’ve set your delivery prices).

We could have set a specific delivery price for each size but have chosen not to.

You aren’t restricted to “Colour” and “Size” in your options, you can call them anything you want, like “Pattern” or “Fabric” or anything else you choose.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

You can use this section to set SEO parameters for the items that you create.

You can set

1. An SEO friendly URL for the item, e.g.
2. A title for the page, e.g. HP 3055a Deskjet Printer
3. Keywords for the item, e.g. hp printer, deskjet printer, hp deskjet printer
4. A meta description for the item, up to 160 characters

If you are not familiar with SEO techniques then you can leave this section blank if you wish to.

Managing Items

You can manage existing items that you have created by selecting “existing items” from the left hand menu

This will then load a page which displays all the items that you have created on your store.

You can click the “view” button to view (and edit) the item’s details. You can untick the “publish” tick box to temporarily remove the item from your store, and you can click the “delete” button to permanently remove the item from your store.