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The Latest News Page

The Latest News Page is the home of networking on BionowB2B.

It displays news stories, questions, discussions, comments, events and all sorts of different topics from all of your connections and all of the networks that you are a member of.

Everything is put in one place for you to review and, if you wish, make a comment about or share with your own connections.

Viewing The News Page

To navigate to the latest news page simply click the “networking” item on the menu that is shown at the top of each page on the site and then click the “networking news” menu item.

Alternatively you can use the menu on the left hand side of each page in the networking centre.

Starting A News Story

As you use BionowB2B you will generate news stories automatically (without you having to do anything) that go out to all of your connections.

But you can also create your own news stories using the facility at the top of the news page.

Using this you can start a discussion or ask a question, share a website (whatever website you choose), upload an image, or share a document.

Use the button to select what you want to do.

If you want to share text (to start a discussion, ask a question, or make a comment about something) - then just enter the text in the box and then click the “share this post” button.

To share a website, select the button next to “website”

Enter the URL of the website you want to share and then click the “load site” button.

You can change the image dispayed for the website by clicking the “change image” button to look at the images available.

You can also add a comment with the website you are sharing. When you are finished click the “share this website” button.

To share an image click the button next to “an image”

You can then choose the image you want to share from your computer’s hard drive, add an optional comment, and then click the “share this image” button.

To share a document click the button next to “a document”

Choose the document you would like to share from your computer’s hard drive, add an optional comment, and then click the “share this document” button.

Viewing And Commenting On News Stories

The latest news page gathers news stories from all your connections and networks and displays them on one page.

You can comment on every news story that you see.

To make a comment simply enter your comment in the “join in the discussion” box and hit the return key and your comment will be posted.

If you make a mistake and want to delete your comment, just click the “delete comment” button

and your comment will be deleted.