Section: The Directory Profile

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Adding Images & Videos To Your Profile

Creating A Gallery

Before you can add any images to your profile you must first create a gallery.

Each gallery has a name and cover image.

To create a gallery click the “create a gallery” button, this will then display a box

Here you can enter the name of the gallery and select the cover image from your computer’s hard drive by selecting the “choose file” button.

Once you have selected both you can click the “create gallery” button.

Please Note: If you're adding an image that has a large file size it may take a while to upload.

Adding Images

Once you have created a gallery you can then click the “add more photos” button.

Another window will now be displayed asking you to select the image from your hard disk.

You can click the “click here to add another photo” button to upload more than one photo at a time.

Once you have finished selecting your photos, please click the “upload these images” button.

You will then be taken to a new page where you can enter a name for each image and assign the image to a gallery you have created.

Once you have finished, click the “save this” button beneath to save your changes.

Managing Images (editing and deleting)

To edit or delete images that you have already uploaded click the “photos” button on the menu running along the top.

All the photos you have uploaded will then be displayed. Alternatively you can click on a particular gallery on the “galleries” page to just edit photos in a particular gallery.

The site will then display the associated images which you can then assign to a different gallery, edit the name of, or click the “tick box” to delete the image.

Don’t forget to click the “Save This” button once you have finished!

Managing Videos

To add videos to your profile, or edit existing videos, click the “videos” menu item on the left hand side.

You will then be shown 2 areas,

  • Add a new video
  • Existing videos

Adding A Video

To add a new video you need to complete the form shown below.

First, enter a name for the video (this can be anything you like).

Secondly you need to enter the video code.

At present, we can only add videos to your profile that have been uploaded to YouTube. If you are not familiar with uploading videos to YouTube, it is a quick, simple and easy process so please don’t let this put you off.

Once you have uploaded the video (or if it is already on YouTube) you simply need to enter the video code.

Getting The Video Code

Every video uploaded to YouTube has a video code. It is using this code that we will find your video on YouTube and display it on your profile. The code for a video can be found by looking at the actual URL of the video in the address bar in your browser and will look something like jCLXIBz11zE or sp5JuduWKR0. You should only enter this code into this box.

When you look at a YouTube link you will see it as , the code is the final bit, e.g. jCLXIBz11zE .

The URL might also look like

in which case the code you need to enter will be everything between v= and the & sign so in this case y49K_4XrO6g

Video URLs can also have '_' or '-' marks in them, in the example

the code you will need to enter will be ONLY


(i.e. everything between the v= and the & sign).

You can test whether you have entered the correct code by adding the video and then clicking the "view video" link when it gets transferred into the "existing videos" section.

Where you are using a link like then the video code is just the last part, e.g. 23mX1EiA788

Once you have finished entering the video code, don’t forget to press the “Save this” button.

Managing Existing Videos

Videos that you have already uploaded to your profile are shown beneath the “Add a video” box.

Here you can edit the video name, or video code, view the video (by clicking the “view video” link) or alternatively delete the video by clicking the “delete video” link.

Once you have finished making your changes don’t forget to click the “Save this” button at the bottom of the page.