Section: Website Basics & Setup

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Navigating the site

How to navigate our website

At the top of each page on the site is the menu bar.

The menu bar looks different depending on what page of the site you are on, and whether you are, or aren’t, logged into your account.

When you’re not logged into your account

When you’re not logged into your account, the menu bar looks like it does above

On the left hand side are links to:

  • About (which contains information about how the site works)
  • Help (which links through to the home page of this help section)
  • Register (which links through to the page where you can create an account)
  • Basket (which links through to your shopping basket for items purchased through our marketplace)

On the right hand side are 2 buttons

  • A login button which when clicked displays a login form
  • A “click to search our directories” button which when clicked allows you to search the 3 directories we have

When you click the “search our directories” button you will be shown the above form.

Here you can choose which of the 3 directories you want to search (using the radio buttons) and then enter your search terms (the boxes change depending on what you are searching for).

When you are logged into your account

When you are logged into your account, the menu on the right hand side changes to reflect the different website features that are available.

Where you see a downwards pointing arrow next to a menu item (such as the one next to “Your Profile”) it means that there is a sub menu which can be shown when you click or hover your mouse over the menu item.

You can then select the particular page that you wish to navigate to.

Side Menus

Some of the sections of this website also have a side menu which help you navigate through the individual pages, e.g.

The page that you are currently on is highlighted in blue and new pages can be navigated to by clicking the name of the page.

Bottom Menu

You’ll also notice a menu in the bottom right hand corner of each page on the site.

This section links through to other pages of interest to visitors, for instance, there’s one page which has information for members of the press, one called “advertise” which links through to information for businesses that want to advertise on this site, and another link for developers who might want to build applications to go on BionowB2B.