Section: Website Basics & Setup

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What Is BionowB2B

BionowB2B is an online platform for biomedical businesses that are members of Bionow

BionowB2B allows businesses to:

  • Market their business to consumers and other businesses
  • Market and sell the products and services they provide
  • Network and collaborate with other businesses

BionowB2B is provided as part of the Bionow subscription, and is suitable for all businesses (whether small or large).

How does BionowB2B work for visitors to the site?

BionowB2B consists of 3 searchable directories. Visitors to BionowB2B can search for 3 separate things on the site

  • Businesses
  • Products for sale
  • Special offers

Each business on the site has its own profile, consisting of up to 6 pages, which can be viewed by any website visitor and contains the full information on the products for sale and special offers available.

The online marketplace

Each business can list products or services for sale on the BionowB2B marketplace. Visitors to BionowB2B can then purchase these items online, purchasing from multiple merchants in one single transaction.

How does BionowB2B work for businesses?

Once a business has created their BionowB2B account they can start using the sites features. The site is split into the following sections:

  • Creating and maintaining your profile
  • Ecommerce centre
  • Networking
  • Projects, Leads & Tenders
  • Online Messages (messaging between members)
  • Account Settings

Much more information about how the site works is contained on the “About BionowB2B” pages which can be found by going to