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The BionowB2B portal is an online B2B Network and Directory brought to you by Bionow
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BionowB2B comes with a range of tools to assist your business

Market your business, trade online and network with other businesses

Create an online profile for your business on BionowB2B

A BionowB2B profile is FREE to Members of Bionow. Once you’ve been accepted into the network you can set up a detailed profile.  You can also purchase products and services from the BionowB2B community and other business networks via the e-commerce function.

Network with other businesses

Our networking features allow you to connect with other businesses to ask and answer questions, discuss topics and network online. You can make, and receive, online referrals and introductions to and from other businesses to discover new opportunities for your business.

You can also join online networks that you’re already an offline member of (like a business network or chamber of commerce) or join special interest networks or groups.

Sell products and services on the ecommerce platform

Whether you sell physical goods, downloadable digital items, or services, you can sell them all through our platform to both businesses and consumers using our simple and intuitive ecommerce tools.

Be notified of projects and tender requests

You can request quotes for a particular project or service you require and respond to others’ requests for quotes. You can also stay up to date with tender requests from local and national government.

BionowB2B is easy and simple to use

BionowB2B has many tools for your business, but that doesn’t mean that it is difficult for you to use.

Each aspect of the site has been split into a step-by-step process and handy hints and tips are available along the way to help you if you get stuck.

There’s also a help guide to provide further information and assistance.