Do business in the BionowB2B marketplace

BionowB2B brings you a wealth of searchable products and services from Bionow Member companies and companies within other closed networks. There is a powerful Ecommerce facility to make purchasing online simple and straightforward.

Bionow Members and Premium Members

Advertise your products and services within your enhanced profile. Item listing and transactions are managed through the BionowB2B Ecommerce centre.

We provide a full suite of products for you to do business on BionowB2B, making your products and services available to the world.

Using the BionowB2B Ecommerce centre you can list your items for sale, whatever they may be, and manage every aspect of your online store.

Visitors to BionowB2B, whether they be consumers or other businesses, can then search through all the products uploaded by businesses and purchase items for sale through the site, from multiple vendors in one shopping basket.

Configure your items with ease

You can add items to your store through a simple step-by-step process. And whilst the interface is easy and intuitive to use, don’t let this fool you.

BionowB2B is an extraordinarily powerful tool that lets you configure every aspect of your products from size and colour variations, through to individual search engine optimisation (SEO) tags for each product.

Manage your store with robust and flexible tools

We’ve added a range of tools to help you manage your online store from flexible shipping rates for delivery of your items around the globe, to policy generators to help you create terms and conditions, refund and privacy policies.

You can also create voucher and discount codes, monitor and manage orders online, and use extra options to promote your store to the entire BionowB2B audience.