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BionowB2B is an all-in-one business to business platform

Suitable for every size of business

The BionowB2B portal is brought to you by Bionow a specialist business development and services company focused on the biomedical sector and its specialist supply chain in the North of England.


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A BionowB2B profile is FREE to Members of Bionow. Once you’ve been accepted into the network you can set up detailed profile.  You can also purchase products and services from the BionowB2B community and other business networks via the e-commerce function.

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Easy to use,
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BionowB2B has been specifically built to be easy to use.

Each aspect of the site has been split into a step-by-step process and handy hints and tips are available along the way to help you if you get stuck.

There’s also a help guide to provide further information and assistance.

Network within a network

BionowB2B is one of several “closed networks”.

Closed networks are online networks of businesses (some large, some small) that provide an area for businesses to collaborate, discuss and trade online.

BionowB2B is hosted by the Kodajo platform. Kodajo hosts other closed networks including Chambers of Commerce and other business groups.