Networking - BionowB2B

Discover new opportunities through connecting

BionowB2B lets you connect with other businesses and join online networks

  • Connect with other businesses

    Search and connect profiles with other businesses to network online and discover new opportunities.

  • Share, interact and discuss

    The latest news page brings updates from your business's connections and networks.

  • Join online networks

    Online networks create an environment to interact and
    trade with other businesses.

  • Make introductions and referrals

    Introduce and refer businesses to each other and gain from others’ introductions to you.

Connect & network

Making connections with other businesses is easy. Simply click the “add as a connection” button on the profile of the business you want to form a connection with.

Once you’ve made connections you’ll be able to start sharing and collaborating with other businesses through the latest news page, and discover new opportunities through online networking.

Join online networks and discussion groups

BionowB2B is one several online business networks “closednets” supported by These "closednets" are online networks (some large, some small) that provide an area for businesses to collaborate, discuss and trade online.

Some networks are free to join whereas others require a monthly fee, and once you’ve been accepted into the network you can do a range of things.

Networks currently hosted include business networking and referral groups, chambers of commerce and discussion groups.

Make and gain from referrals and introductions

If you know two businesses who could do business together or form a worthwhile relationship with each other, then you can use the referral feature to help them get to know one another.

As your online network on BionowB2B grows you’ll soon find that you’re also benefiting from introductions and referrals made by other members to you.