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Bionow is the membership organisation serving the biomedical sector in the North of England.

There are two levels of membership of Bionow  -  Member and Premium Member and membership of BionowB2B is available to Member and Premium Members at no extra charge.

Below is a quick-guide table illustrating which benefits you will receive when joining BIonow as either a Member or Premium Member.

Bionow membership is an excellent way to kickstart, enhance and progress your marketing and commercial strategies and opens the door to new business opportunities within the biomedical sector.

For further information on joining Bionow, please visit


Membership Benefits Member Premium
Profile in Bionow Directory Y Y
Fully functional profile on BionowB2B Y Y
Post News at Y Y
Post Job vacancies at Y Y
BIonow Preferred Suppliers - substantial savings on essential expenditure
Specialist Insurance with extended cover Y Y
Key person insurance, pensions & financial planning Y Y
Foreign Exchange & International payments facility Y Y
R&D Funding Solutions    
UL Quality, Compliance and Learning 15% 35%
Translation and Interpreting 10% 15%
Licensing and Partnering 25% 25%
Special rates on Recruitment 20% 20%
BioPartner discount for international conferences Y Y
Specialist Procurement Scheme (40% saving) Y Y
Post own Events at   Y
Annual Awards Dinner and major conferences Reduced rate Significant reduction
Other Bionow Events Discounted Discounted
Bespoke Senior Executive events By Invitation By Invitation